Shaq Tackling Charles Barkley After Catching A Pass From Randy Moss Is The Funniest Shit You’ll See Today




NBA on TNT is by far the best studio show on television. And really, how could it not be with the cast of characters they have?

That fact was never more evident than on Thursday night when Randy Moss came on the show as a special guest.

In a clip that took place earlier in the show and off the air, Moss tosses Charles Barkley a pass. Naturally, and seemingly unbeknownst to Chuck, Shaq was right there to immediately lay the wood to Barkley sending him sprawling on the floor.

I’m not sure what the best part was, Chuck rolling around on the floor or Shaq warning him about “coming across the middle.”

And while the video is priceless, and it is, I think these screencaps are somehow almost even funnier.




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