New Video Of Malia Obama At Lollapalooza Shows The President’s Daughter Grinding And Biting Lips


This weekend saw Malia Obama letting loose and dancing seductively on stage during Mac Miller’s set at Lollapalooza. Now a new video of President Obama’s daughter cutting loose at the music festival.

Malia, who just turned 18-years-old last month, is finally getting her first taste of freedom and enjoying every second of it.

Notice not one dude is trying to grind up on Malia in fear of being tackled by the Secret Service.

Just be thankful that you aren’t the offspring of the POTUS and having every moment of your life documented and scrutinized. Imagine all your dumb shit you did from 18-25 being broadcast to the entire world? Yes, even that time when you attempted to drink an entire bottle of banana red-flavored Mad Dog 20/20 then unsuccessfully tried to surf on moving taxis and ended up sleeping in a dumpster at White Castle because you thought it was your bedroom.

If two terms as President of the United States didn’t turn Obama’s hair gray, I’m sure his daughter being a teenager and doing teenager things will age him at least five years.

P.S. Before everyone turns this into something political, let’s not forget that President Bush’s twins daughters liked to party as well.

P.S.S. Let’s remember what shitheads we were when we were 18 and let 18-years-olds be 18-year-olds.

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